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Tutorconnect for parents

How tutorconnect helps parents find tutors

Tutorconnect is the new way for students and parents to find tuition providers in Singapore. Whether it's a private home tutor, small tuition groups run by individual tutors or classes at larger tuition centres, we've got you covered.

So what's so different?

Well firstly tutorconnect is not an agency. We don't make commission from matching tutors with students. We are a platform that allows tuition providers to advertise their services so that parents and students can choose for themselves. Our mission is to give you all the information you need to make the best choice.

Browse the listings to find suitable tutors or classes near you. Trying to find a maths tutor in your area to help your child prepare for A-levels? Looking for a small group class nearby that teaches primary level English? Just want to know which are the nearest tuition centres offering Science classes? You can do it all on tutorconnect.

Even better, you can now write and read reviews of tuition providers from parents like you so you can make a more informed choice. And we are adding cool new features all the time.

Register as a student below in order to leave reviews for your tutors and to make sure you get informed when we add new features.

Tutorconnect for tutors

How tutorconnect helps tutors promote their tuition service

Private tutors can use tutorconnect to reach parents and students and let them know about their tuition service. No registration fees. No matching fees. Simply register below and set up your profile page. It takes just a couple of minutes.

More and more tutors are finding out about tutorconnect everyday and registering to find more students for there tuition service. It's the simple way to start building your business.

Find out more by clicking the button below.

Tutorconnect for tuition centres

How to find a tuition centre class for your child

You will find a full list of all MOE registered tuition centres in Singapore on tutorconnect.

Parents can search the list, find the centres in their area and get more information either directly from the tutorconnect profile listing or by contacting the centre directly.

The centre supervisor can take over the listing free of charge and add more details such as:

All of the above service is free of charge and taking over your tuition centre listing takes just a few seconds. So why not let tutorconnect help you expand your tuition business today?

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