5 life skills learned by student tutors


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5 important life skills you can gain from being a private tutor whilst studying:

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Deciding to become a private tutor as an undergraduate can deliver invaluable skills and experiences that can be applied to just about any situation :

1: Patience:

Keeping a cool head whilst correcting the same mistakes can test your patience, however starting to see results from a student who has been struggling because you have managed to coach them through their difficulties will reap dividends.

2: Communication:

Being able to express yourself clearly and diplomatically whilst showing empathy to your students will help forge relationships, an asset which will be invaluable no matter what work path you decide to follow.

3: Time Management:

Planning your classes ahead of time so your pupils are able to maximise benefit from their time with you will soon become common nature. Mastering this skill will be invaluable in your work life, whether it’s in meetings, presentations or managing a project.

4: Negotiation and Leadership:

As a private tutor, you will be working with individuals with very different personalities and you will need to know how to calm a situation, inspire and motivate struggling or difficult pupils and keep the class on track, all of which are key skills for the workplace.

5: Positivity:

Keeping a positive outlook and having a sense of humour can help motivate and keep things in perspective and will help you develop a thicker skin in tricky situations.

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